Enjoying Public Art Every Step of the Way

The ArtStumble App uses the location services on handheld devices and computers to allow a city’s visitors to discover all the outdoor public art, and locate galleries, and places of artistic interest. It’s a unique marketing approach to enhance the visitor’s experience in a new city

Easy to Use App

ArtStumble is an app that consistently curates and collects an extensive list of local public art for people who love to discover art in the places they live or the places they travel to.

More and more art is continuously being added to the app to make sure it’s up-to-date and you don’t miss that perfect Instagrammable moment.

With a simple-to-use interface for searching the city, the app provides a map with sculptures, paintings, murals, and other street art. Not only that, but since it uses maps, it provides local businesses to explore and restaurants to try.

Create self-guided walking tours and enjoy the great outdoors in any city at any time.

Municipalities Get
Your Artwork Listed

  • Easy to use app
  • Don’t have to invest in paper maps
  • Can easily update art locations & information


Art Stumble began as a joke directed at municipalities that host Art Walks, designed to showcase and exhibit art to the public usually in combination with music, food and alcohol. The idea being that if you stumble around long enough in public you will discover some art.

The jokesters are the artists and members of the Fort Myers Mural Society. As a group, the Fort Myers Mural Society paints murals and creates public art specifically in an effort to revitalize communities.

Public art is every where. Cities, states and countries all invest and embrace it for their own reasons and we humans get to view it 24-7 mostly without boundaries. Encouraging a sense of freedom, outdoors and without any preconceived notions. The purist of opportunities to interpret the art anyway we see fit.

The ArtStumble app is the perfect tool for everyone using a handheld mobile device combined with location services to discover all the public art a city has to offer.

Local Art that Matters

Public art helps draw people into local businesses by letting them interact with the art that’s part of the local ambiance. Everyone loves a good Instagram moment and a story to tell along with it.

When people see a mural, they will stop and take pictures. When that happens, they look around and explore the local businesses. Small towns in larger cities have started realizing that public art enhances the visitor experience, which then leads them to talk about it, or better yet, post it. Having people post local art on social media is free advertising for the city. Local art helps bring attention to small businesses!

Public art is free and available 24/7, therefore making it the best marketing campaign a city can have to attract a wide range of people at all hours of the day.


Want to Join the Roster?


Public Art is the newest, latest, and greatest tool for communities to encourage the redevelopment of urban areas. It invites commerce and retail and visually enhances blighted areas. Simply add the locations of the public art pieces to our ArtStumble directory and it appears on the map in real-time.

If you’re an artist, business, or a representative of the city or municipality contact us on how you can be featured. If you know of public art and it’s not on the app, please let us know!