Welcome to The Fort Myers Mural Society

Murals have become a unique and appealing way of increasing tourism and improving commerce. Fort Myers Mural Society has been working toward this vision of artistic identity and cultural richness in Fort Myers since 2013.

We Make Exteriors Exceptional!

Our goal is to become a key mural destination in the state of Florida.

In 2023 with the generosity of our sponsors and donors we have been commissioned to create 10 full scale mural projects in Lee County and the surrounding areas. Inclusive of our annual ArtStumble event and several smaller projects we will be hosting a community mural painting for adults and one for children.

Mural destinations, Art hubs, art events and city public art collections are the latest addition to tourism and economic development .


FMMS has developed a project plan that will coordinate and promote public mural art through an annual festival speeding us toward our goal, while it brings the community together around art. Through the organized efforts of the Fort Myers Mural Society, this program will rely on corporate sponsors, grant and private funding as well as public participation and community involvement. For our inaugural competition on November 19th 2016 we are hosting a Sidewalk chalk contest, ART STUMBLE, small colorful murals that can be completed in a short time frame will help promote the program.

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Art Stumble is the perfect app for you.

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Why create a mural? The benefits of murals are plentiful! They beautify and enhance an area, boost the local economy and foster community partnerships and pride! Above all, they are fun! The Fort Myers Mural Society looks forward to assisting artists, community organizations, business and property owners, as well as arts and heritage organizations, by bringing their story to our walls that talk and tell amazing stories! Please join us in pictorially preserving and celebrating the art, history and culture of FMMS while increasing the charm and character of our city for residents and visitors alike. We look forward to working with you and seeing visitors and locals alike visiting out downtown and viewing our walls that talk and tell a story!

The Fort Myers Mural Society in conjunction with the The Fort Myers Public Art Committee has selected two artist for the McCollum Hall project. The finalist are JP Almonacid and Erik Schlake. Eirk is currently painting a beach mural on Fort Myers Beach. Check out our Facebook to see his progress.